10 Tips for Camping at a National or State Park

Pick a national or state park and do research.

  • Every national and state park offers something different than the other. Find the park that best fits what everyone is interested in doing while camping.

Reserve a campsite.

  • Some campsites allow campers to reserve a spot ahead of time while others have a “first come, first serve” rule. If possible always reserve a campsite. Campers can choose online where they would like to camp and pay in advance. This can make camping less stressful if the campsite is already picked out and paid for.

Pack for all types of weather.

  • At all times plan for the weather to change. If it’s cold bring electric blankets, heaters and plenty of blankets. If the weather looks like it’ll be hot don’t forget a small fan for the tent.

Cody, a passionate camper, says, “Always be prepared for any event even when you think it won’t ever happen, such as rain or the weather changing from hot to cold, or vice versa.”

Can’t forget to bring an old fashioned Dietz lantern while camping!

Can’t forget to bring an old fashioned Dietz lantern while camping!

Always bring bug repellant.

  • No matter where the national or state park is there will always be some type of critter roaming around ready to find its next target. Ticks, mosquitoes, fleas or flies all can be avoided by purchasing bug spray. In Oklahoma, mosquitoes are particularly awful during the summer months so camping without repellant isn’t something many campers do in this state.

Write out a packing list and double check it when getting ready to leave.

  • One of the worst things about camping is forgetting something at home. For example, leaving behind a can opener can result in having to use a dull knife to open cans, definitely not a desirable situation to be in. To make sure that doesn’t happen, make a list a week before and check off items while packing.

Plan a fun activity.

  • Activities at national or state parks are endless. They range from fishing to hiking to kayaking and tons more. Experience some of the outdoors and try an activity that is special to that park while camping.

Robin who shares her advice about camping on her site Camping-Expert, says, “I feel at peace canoeing… but, I also love hiking and feeling the ground under my feet, and knowing all the distance traveled has been with just my two legs.”

Never, ever forget to bring s’mores.

  • This speaks for itself. It isn’t a camping trip without the delicious combination of gooey, burnt marshmallows, melted chocolate and graham crackers.

“So many great memories were made when all of my family would get together around the fire and tell all kinds of stories about the past, we had a lot of good laughs and great meals,” says Cody.

Cody starting a campfire at Petit Jean State Park

Cody starting a campfire at Petit Jean State Park

Make tin foil dinners.

  • To cut back on cleanup and the hassle of cooking dinner, tin foil meals are incredibly easy! Tin foil meals offer several variations. All that is needed is any type of meat, such as beef or chicken, vegetables and some butter. Put the meat, vegetables and butter in a foil packet and then lay the packet on the fire to cook. Once it is cooked through, enjoy a no mess meal by the campfire!

“Make ice in a freezer at home and save on the cost of buying it when the time of the trip comes,” says Cosby.

  • Any money saved while camping is a good thing. Keeping a cooler stocked with ice is a must while camping and what better way to do it than with your own ice!

Most of all, relax and have fun!                                                                                                          

  • “Have fun! If you’re not having fun, you’re missing the point. You’re there to enjoy yourself, and so you should enjoy everything nature has to offer,” says Robin.

For more great camping tips and advice, check out Robin’s website, Camping-Expert.

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