The Castle Ruins of Ha Ha Tonka State Park

During the fall, I visited a small, beautiful state park called Ha Ha Tonka State Park located near the town of Camdenton, MO. I had never heard such a strange name for a park, so I knew I had to check it out.

View from an overlook at Ha Ha Tonka State Park.

View from an overlook at Ha Ha Tonka State Park.


It turns out there are castle ruins located in the park. According to Missouri State Parks, Robert Snyder began building his castle, or mansion, in 1905. He died tragically in a car accident in 1906 before his castle was finished being built. His sons finished building the castle, but in 1942 a fire began inside the house and left only ruins behind.

The castle ruins.

The castle ruins.

I was so intrigued by the ruins. You could tell how much thought was put into building the castle. I can only imagine how beautiful it was when it was completely built. I recommend visiting during the fall. The weather was perfect and the trees have all begun to change from green to beautiful oranges, yellows and browns.

ha ha tonka 3The hiking trails leading to the castle ruins are also easily accessible for anyone. Parking is limited near the ruins, but down the road is another parking lot that you can take and either walk up the road or take a trail to the castle.

Ha Ha Tonka State Park may be small, but the beautiful views and interesting history the park contains makes it well worth a trip. If I ever am back in the area I will definitely be stopping by again!

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