Getting Lost in a Corn Maize

What screams fall more than pumpkin patches and corn maizes? There is nothing like picking out the perfect pumpkin for carving and enjoying an “innocent and easy” corn maize! It doesn’t matter if you’re nine or 90…you’re never too old to take part in the fall festivities.

Oklahoma has an abundance pumpkin patches, corn maizes, hay rides and many more fall activities. If you happen to be near Chickasha, be sure to visit Oklahoma’s largest and most challenging corn maize at the Reding Farm!

FullSizeRender (38).jpg

Chickasha is situated between two popular nature destinations, being only an hour’s distance from both. The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is southwest of Chickasha and Lake Thunderbird State Park is northeast of Chickasha.

Cody and I were already in the Chickasha area last October for the fall Chickasha Auto Swap Meet, so we made sure to stop by Reding Farm for some fall fun! Reding Farm is located fairly close to the heart of Chickasha; it only took us a few minutes to get to the farm from the swap meet area. You’ll know you’re there when you see the big red silo in the distance.


Hello red silo!

Reding Farm has a lot going on during the fall season! Whether you want to explore the corn maize or haunted maize, pick pumpkins or ride on a hayride, the farm has plenty of activities to keep visitors occupied. To enter the corn maize, it cost us each $10. There are different packages available if you want to add on different activities.


The entrance to the corn maize

We really just wanted to test our navigational skills in the corn maize and see how well we could do with getting ourselves lost. The farm does a theme for the corn maize each year. The 2015 theme was Oklahoma football with the Oklahoma State University and University of Oklahoma mascots and things associated with them.


Our much used maize map from 2015

The 2016 theme is an homage to Charlie Brown since this year marks its 50th anniversary. The entire maze has been themed around “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” Let me tell you, this maze looks so neat! There are several twists and turns to get visitors lost in the maize.

My advice would be to make the most of the map they give you. There aren’t any “you are here” maps inside the maize so it’s insanely easy to get lost. They have their number printed on the maize map so if you do get lost and feel hopeless trying to find your way out, you can shoot them a call and they will come to find you. Also, you do have to check in when starting the maze and sign out after you leave that way they can keep track of who is still in the abyss of the corn maize!

When Cody and I started out in the maize, we paid no attention to the map and enjoyed winding around in the maize, getting further and further away from the sound of the music playing at the farm. Eventually, we realized we had gotten lost after seeing the same trail of chips someone had left multiple times.

Two moms were as lost as we were with their husbands and children already having found their way out of the maize. We partnered up with them and started to work out the maize. We went in circles several times before we got out…later we realized we had been stuck in the wagon wheel part of the OU Schooner, which is funny considering that is not even that deep in the maize.

FullSizeRender (35).jpg

Cody took charge and started looking at the map and trying to figure out if the path we were on could be found on the map. Soon enough, we heard the music in the distance giving us hope that we were getting closer! We were all pretty adamant about not calling the number-we wanted to find our way out on our own!

Once we got on the straight path we knew we had reached the beginning of the maze and within a few seconds we were out back in the open field! It was such a fun experience and it was great getting to know some other people while we were there.

The fall season is only here for a short time in Oklahoma! Be sure to get out and enjoy your favorite activity, whether it’s a corn maize or a haunted house, take advantage of it while it’s here. Grab a steaming mug of hot chocolate and go explore!

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