Arkansas’s First State Park

Every June and September, car-lovers and bargain-hunters alike join together for a week of entertainment, food, fellowship, cars and beautiful scenery. The event I’m talking about is the Annual Petit Jean Show and Swap Meet at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas.

This swap meet has brought Cody and I to Petit Jean twice and each time we go we discover a little more of Petit Jean’s beauty. With fantastic overlooks, a gorgeous waterfall, towering trees and numerous fun hiking trails, Petit Jean State Park is one you don’t want to miss.


The swap meet grounds

Petit Jean is Arkansas’s first state park, so there is a great backstory of history to experience when you visit the park. It is located near Morrilton, Arkansas.

According to the Petit Jean State Park website, the history of Petit Jean is rich with diversity. Petit Jean was home to Native Americans, French explorers and later, settlers. Eventually, a lumber company saw the undisturbed beauty of Petit Jean as something that should stay that way–untouched. Through their determination and strong will, they eventually helped play a part in making Petit Jean the first state park in Arkansas.

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