North Carolina, here we come! – Excursions on the Outer Banks: Day One

Picturesque ocean-front cottages line the road, the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean coat the sand with white foam and the sun sets in the distance painting the sky a dreamy pink. The Currituck Lighthouse offers a panoramic view of these gems while the wind makes you sway back and forth at the top of the lighthouse. My mom and I experienced all of these things and much more when we traveled to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 2009.


View from the Currituck Lighthouse

The Outer Banks are a stretch of barrier islands located off the coast of North Carolina. According to the Outer Banks of NC, it (the Outer Banks) is over one hundred miles long and at its widest part only about 3 miles in width.

Each town offers something different from the other. Some towns are quaint with historical sights and cute shopping areas, other towns are full of bustling activity with plenty of water and onshore activities for adventure enthusiasts.

When we took this trip, our goal was to visit as many lighthouses on the Outer Banks as we could during our stay. Continue reading